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2019 Workshops for Adults

Weekend ONE
October 3-6, 2019

CHECK-IN: Thursday, October 3, Noon-1pm
CHECK-OUT: Sunday, October 6, 10:30-11am

Memories & the Land (Photography)


Explore the connection between landscape and memory to share recollections of history and personal narratives.

Even the most familiar and ordinary places have the ability to reveal clues that point to the mysteries of the past. Symbols and metaphors found in the landscape serve as bridges between the past and the present, the ordinary and the remarkable. With our cameras, our hearts, and our minds, we will search like archeologists, to seek what is no longer there physically, allowing light and the land to reveal the presence of what is no longer there. Allowing our imagination to play, we will intermingle recollections, personal narrative and history to create images that transform place, projecting the landscape forward and backward in time.

All skill levels welcome. This workshop does not require specific gear. (Most phones or cameras will suffice.)

Verb, Pure Verb (Poetry)


This workshop emphasizes language in the air and on the page as the medium and material of poetry, so that we can fall in love with words.

The poet is first and foremost someone who has fallen in love with language—the sounds of words in the air, the shape of letters on the page. In this workshop we will emphasize both elements of language—the word as written and spoken—to explore the full range of what “poetic language” can be. Our goal will be not only to write poems, but to fall in love with words—whether for the first time or all over again.

All skill levels welcome.

Color Intaglio & Chine Collé


Create multi-layer prints using intaglio and chine collé techniques.

This printmaking workshop will explore the process of multi-layer color intaglio. With continuous alterations to a copper plate, participants will print a sequence of black, yellow, red, and blue, passing the same plate through the press for each design and color change (additive/reductive method). Participants will print on a thin washi (kozo/mulberry) paper. As in the French use of chine collé, students will apply glue to the back of the washi print and pass it through the press with a heavier rag paper (BFK Rives, Arches, etc.) beneath. Through this process, a variety of etching techniques such as photocopy transfer, roulette, and spit bite will be introduced.

Basic printmaking/etching experience required.

Portrait Painting


Explore a variety of techniques to create portraits using acrylic paint.

Working with acrylics, participants in this workshop will investigate the art of portrait painting. We will explore traditional, as well as contemporary artists, techniques, and issues. Hands-on demonstrations will be accompanied by lectures and feedback. Instruction will cover a variety of content, including: glazing colors over a grisaille underpainting, painting on a colored ground, basic technical information about acrylic paints and mediums, color theory relative to the representation of form and space, and an overview of selected figurative artists past and present.

All skill levels welcome.

A World of Rhythm


Discover the benefits of interactive rhythm-making and movement in the classroom.

This workshop takes participants on a hands-on journey through the wide world of interactive rhythm-making. Through experiencing, from a child’s perspective, a myriad of rhythm games and stories, drum circles, and ethno-specific drumming, we’ll explore the "what, how and why" of rhythm-making. We’ll also integrate movement into the process through “RhythMove” and “Body Music” and explore how these experiences help a child to tap deeper into the creative process. Some time will also be devoted to the role rhythm making can have in creating cross curricular connections and in helping to develop a child’s social emotional learning, self esteem, and sense of community. Weaving together the entire experience will be a clear intention to nurture each participant's own rhythmic spirit, creativity, and "percussive empowerment!"

All skill levels welcome.

Social Emotional Learning and the Arts


Learn visual and performing arts strategies for meeting SEL goals in the classroom.

Art has the power to engage and inspire students of all abilities. Whether it is the visual arts, theater, dance, music, or new media, creative exploration has been known to help students reach learning and behavioral objectives in productive and innovative ways. In this hands-on workshop, teachers will explore arts strategies and techniques for addressing Social Emotional Learning goals with their students. Informed by student-centered frameworks such as Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design, participants will walk away with access to arts-based resources created to help engage educators in practical skills for developing and fostering communication and collaboration, thereby creating more opportunities to empower student voice and identity in any classroom. In this workshop, we will explore Youth in Arts’ newly released “Digital Arts Toolkit for Reaching Students of All Abilities”, along with music, emotional trading cards, accordion texture books, and self-portraits.

All skill levels welcome.