2021 Workshops for Adults

Texture and Woodcuts


What inspires printmaking?

Participants in this workshop will explore the sources of inspiration and ideas to facilitate creativity in printmaking. Focusing on the challenge of working with woodblocks, artist Benjamin Harjo, Jr. will help you carry your creative idea from conception to execution and printing.

All skill levels welcome.

Pigments to Paint and Working in the Landscape


This is a workshop in the exploration of pigments and paint making and taking the materials we make into the landscape.

Are you interested in making your own paints and pastels? This course is a hands-on exploration of historical pigment production and paints including oil, egg tempera, pastel, fresco, acrylic and watercolor. We will make and discuss pigments and paint production beginning with Neolithic cave art and finishing with modern pigments and binders. Afterwards, we will take these materials into the landscape to create our own work. In the landscape students may utilize any medium. This section of the workshop will be an exercise in working from observation. Students will leave with a small set of watercolors and pastels handmade during the class.

All skill levels welcome.


Painting with Wool


Explore the diverse world of needle felting by learning how to paint with wool fibers and a special barbed needle.

In this workshop participants will explore the diversity of using wool fibers as a “painting” medium by diving into the world of two-dimensional needle felting. Needle felting is a process that uses barbed needles to attach fibers to a base textile, often wool felt or linen. Dani will introduce techniques to help participants learn how to create different effects with wool fibers, including how to blend, layer, and create different textures to compose beautiful fiber art. Participants will also explore how to use color in impactful ways. Other topics will include useful tools for felting, exploring different materials and textiles, the forgiving nature and breadth of the medium, and framing and presentation techniques for wool paintings. Participants can choose any subject matter for their pieces, and demonstrations and various exercises will be available for those keen on practicing techniques.

All skill levels welcome.

Photographing Strangers


This class will help you gain confidence making photographs that include people who are not your relatives, friends, or paid models.

People are more interesting than things, and photographs are more compelling when populated. It’s easy to understand why photographs of people outnumber those of any other subject. But how do you make photographs that include people who are not your relatives, friends or paid models? This class will help participants gain skill in managing spontaneous portrait situations, as well as increasing your confidence in approaching people to be photographed and gaining their cooperation.

Students should have some familiarity with camera operation and Adobe Lightroom.

Transform Learning Through Arts Integration for Elementary Educators


What teacher doesn’t face challenges in the classroom? Why not supercharge your efforts through the interests of the students! Everyone has a connection to the Arts in some way. Maybe it’s doodling while listening to lecture, or humming to background music, everyone has an access point to one or more of the arts! As educators, we are responsible for finding that access point in our students and building upon their strengths and interests. Arts integration is an approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessed equitably. In this workshop teachers will be led through four engaging lesson activities integrating core and Arts subjects. We will dissect the lesson, how it was aligned, designed, and assessed. You will then build your own Arts Integrated lessons that may be applied immediately to your classroom, allowing your students to take ownership of learning through creative opportunities.

All skill levels welcome.