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2022 Workshops for Adults

The Bones of Being Human and Telling Stories

with VU TRAN

In this class, participants will have conversations about three fundamental aspects of fiction writing (of, in fact, any kind of writing): plot, character, and imagination. Participants will discuss the traditions that have shaped our thinking on these aspects and, most importantly, what that might tell us about ourselves collectively and personally. Whether it's about the Seven Basic Plots, the countless permutations of character desire, or a more demanding and counterintuitive approach to empathy, the goal of this class is to look at the history, culture, and human psychology behind the ways we tell stories—which will require a deep look at our own desires and mysteries as individuals. Out of that, participants will consider practical ways of implementing these ideas in their work. Although there will be no traditional workshopping in the class, participants will complete writing exercises and share that work along with honest thoughts during class conversations.

All skill levels welcomeas long as you're a reader and have a genuine interest in writing.

Delight Your Senses: Music, Movement, Language and Art


This class will be a joyful music and dance making experience, open to all ability levels. There will be opportunities to challenge experienced Orff Schulwerk teachers, however beginners and classroom teachers alike will be engaged and comfortable. All activities are drawn directly from work with pre-school, elementary and middle school students. The class will provide hands on opportunities to explore music, movement, language and stories.

Participants will explore playing pieces using the Orff instruments, as well as using the instruments in accompaniments for songs, simple play parties and games. The participants will also play small percussion instruments including pieces for hand drums. Group arrangements will be created. Those who are comfortable should bring recorders of all voices.

Movement experience will be varied, including creative movement and structured folk dances. The participants will work with traditional riddles and poetry, examine art and dramatize stories.

All skill levels welcome.

Thirteen Ways of Painting from a Photograph


This workshop will apply Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” as inspiration for taking risks and exploring various approaches to painting from a photograph.  Stevens’ poem uses the blackbird as a subject for observation, as a means to consider different ways of seeing, perceiving, and using language.  Assignments will be both quick and extended, representational and abstract, concept and materials driven, text and image based. Slide lectures, demos, and writing exercises will enhance the studio practice.  Students with experience painting and drawing who seek ways to jump start and expand their practice will benefit from this workshop.

The course is structured for artists who have experience painting and want to work with others in an atmosphere of exchange and dialogue. In-progress critiques and lectures will uncover relationships between subject in relationship to process, concept, approach, and materials to create new ideas. The surrounding natural environment will provide additional inspiration for pursuing new directions and taking risks.

This workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced painters.

Photographing People


Photographing people known or unknown.

This photographic workshop will cover basic techniques, strategies, and a few, perhaps new ways I have discovered of making engaging photos of people—both known and unknown, as well as the person staring back at you from you in the mirror. There is no fancy equipment required, in fact, I found, the less, the better. An inexpensive digital camera, an iPhone, or, yes, an expensive Leica with multiple lens will all work for this weekend. I would also like to start each participant on a personal portrait. It’s easy, cost nothing except time, and is a wonderful way to get your work seen.

All skill levels welcome.

Fall Flutter Book


This workshop sets the intention to expand participant’s understanding of themselves and the natural world around them through mindfulness exercises, poetry, and visual art. Over the course of the workshop each participant will create their own Flutter Book and produce the visual and written content to fill its pages. All art activities are designed within a special education curriculum framework, using UDL principles. These principles seek to connect creators to content through a whole brain approach, allowing for easy integration into a special education setting. Participants will explore themes in nature through looking and creating visual art, listening to and writing poetry, breathing and practicing mindfulness, and experience community growth through sharing.

Join Jerry Slayton, Art Spark Texas Education Director, who will be assisted by AST Executive Director and former Oklahoma Fall Arts Institute instructor, Celia Hughes.

All skill levels welcome.