Endowment Funds

The Oklahoma Arts Institute’s endowment was established in 1985 with the award of a prestigious Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Today the endowment fund, managed by the Oklahoma Arts Institute Foundation, is comprised of dozens of named scholarship and program funds, as well as several endowed faculty chairs. The Oklahoma Arts Institute gratefully acknowledges the generous donors who are securing the future of the programs of the Oklahoma Arts Institute.

Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute Program Funds
  • Artist Faculty Travel Fund honoring Mary Gordon Taft
  • Conoco Ballet Fund
  • Ellen Woods Westheimer Visual Arts Fund
  • Friends of the Badger Library
  • Grayce B. Kerr Guest Artists Fund
  • Jeanne Hoffman Smith Film Institute Fund
  • Kerr Foundation Modern Dance Fund
  • National Endowment for the Arts Program Fund
  • Neustadt Charitable Foundation Writing Fund
  • Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Orchestra Fund
  • Sarkeys Foundation Guest Artists Fund
  • Sarkeys Foundation Theatre Fund
  • SBC Foundation Choral Music Fund
Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute Faculty Chairs
  • Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Faculty Chair
  • Mari Cook Medley Faculty Chair in Dance
  • Pauline Dwyer Macklanburg and Robert A. Macklanburg, Jr., Foundation Faculty Chair in Drawing & Painting
  • Sarkeys Foundation Faculty Chair in Theatre
Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute Scholarship Endowment Funds
  • Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Ann Simmons Alspaugh Scholarship Fund
  • Anne and Henry Zarrow Scholars Fund
  • Bank of America Scholarship Fund
  • Bank of Oklahoma and the Betty E. and George B. Kaiser Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Bruce and Sheryl Benbrook Scholarship Fund
  • Caltex Scholars Fund
  • Carol Daube Sutton Scholarship Fund
  • Carrie C. Boren Scholarship Fund
  • Charles B. Goddard Art Center Scholarship Fund in recognition of Jean and Laurence London
  • CITGO Scholarship honoring Steve Berlin
  • Clark and Wanda Bass Family Foundation Scholars Fund
  • Darryl C. Rodriquez Scholarship Fund
  • David and Molly Boren Scholarship Fund
  • Donald R. Brattain Scholars Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Gibson Scholarship Fund
  • George and Betty Kaiser Scholarship Fund
  • Gwen Taft Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Harrison Cotton Scholarship Fund
  • Helon Whiteside LaGree Scholarship Fund
  • Hyman and Esther Krasne Foundation Scholars Fund
  • Jack and Judy Bryan Scholarship Fund
  • Jarrod Fergeson Scholarship Fund
  • Jasmine Moran Scholarship Fund
  • Jerry and Sherry Cash Scholarship Fund
  • John and Elsa Leibenderfer Scholarship Fund
  • John Hoyle Carlock Scholars Fund
  • Kerr-McGee Scholars Fund
  • Koch Industries Scholars Fund
  • L.B. Simmons Energy Scholars Fund
  • Macklanburg-Hulsey Family Scholars Fund
  • Marcella Craver Young Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Gordon Taft Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Young Frates Scholarship Fund
  • McCasland Foundation Scholars Fund
  • Melda Moore Scholarship Fund
  • OAI Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas Scholars Fund
  • OXY, USA Inc. Scholars Fund
  • Patti Evans Scholarship Fund
  • Public Service Company of Oklahoma Scholars Fund
  • R. Duane Carter Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Richard W. Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Roy Oliver Scholarship Fund
  • Ruth Kaiser Nelson Scholarship Fund
  • Sarkeys Foundation Scholars Fund
  • SBC Scholars Fund
  • Shifra Silberman Scholarship Fund
  • Ted d’Andriole Scholarship Fund
  • Tim Blake Nelson Scholarship Fund
  • Timothy Long Scholarship Fund
  • Troy Word Scholarship Fund
  • Williams Companies Scholars Fund
  • Yolanda Kondonassis Scholarship Fund
Oklahoma Fall Arts Institute Program and Scholarship Funds
  • Donna Berryhill Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jane Ann Young Writing for Children Fund
  • Thatcher Hoffman Smith Family Poetry Fund

The OAI Memorial Fund receives general gifts in memory of friends or loved ones of our donors.

Interested in Creating an Endowment Fund?

The Institute’s Development Department is happy to provide you with specific information or assistance in making a gift. For further information regarding donations, please contact:

Shana Gibelyou, Director of Development
Phone 405.605.7500 , ext. 303