Our Donors

Donors by Giving Level

The Oklahoma Arts Institute would like to thank its many generous donors for their support in 2023. Donors of $250 or more qualify as Members of the organization and are invited to attend various events throughout the year, including VIP Day during the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain.

 Includes all prior year contributions to OAI and the OAI Foundation, as well as major gifts made in the current year

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* OSAI Alumnus
** OSAI Parent or Grandparent

Underwriters ($25,000 and up)

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, Tulsa * **

George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa **

Inasmuch Foundation, Oklahoma City

Kirkpatrick Foundation, Oklahoma City

Mary K. Chapman Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO

Oklahoma Arts Council, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Community Foundation, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma City

Mark and Sarah Woolery, Grapevine, TX

Benefactors ($10,000 - $24,999)

Leigh Ann and Paul Albers, Oklahoma City

The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation, Inc., Tulsa

BancFirst Charitable Foundation, Oklahoma City

Julie Cohen Burrage, Norman *

Crawley Family Foundation, Oklahoma City

Cresap Family Foundation, Oklahoma City

E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation, Oklahoma City

Harris Foundation, Oklahoma City

Jerome Westheimer Family Foundation, Ardmore

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation, Tulsa

National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, DC

Pauline Dwyer Macklanburg and Robert A. Macklanburg, Jr., Foundation, Miami

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore

Patrons ($5,000 - $9,999)

Ad Astra Foundation, Oklahoma City

Allied Arts, Oklahoma City

Avedis Foundation, Shawnee

Community Foundation of Ardmore, Ardmore

ConocoPhillips, Bartlesville

Edward E. and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation, Tulsa

Express Employment International, Oklahoma City

Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation, Tulsa

James and Barbara LaGree, Oklahoma City

Puterbaugh Foundation, McAlester

Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation, Oklahoma City

The Ruth Kaiser Nelson Family Foundation, Tulsa **

Wilmes Superstore, Inc., Altus **

Lisa Zarrow, Tulsa

Sustainers ($1,000 - $4,999)

Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., Oklahoma City

Joy Reed Belt, Oklahoma City

JoAnne and James Bottomley, Tulsa

Britani Talley Bowman, Tulsa

Margaret Brisch, Edmond **

Jack and Judy Bryan, Lawton **

Harold and Jennifer Burkhart, Oklahoma City **

Cambridge Club, Edmond

The Charles B. Goddard Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Ardmore

Brad and Jill Deutscher, Tulsa **

Edmond Women's Club, Edmond

Margaret Ellenbrook-Dixon, Lawton

Ken and Mary Ann Fergeson, Altus **

Gilbert and Aulena Gibson, Oklahoma City

Judith Gilbreth, Duncan

Joanna and Remy Hathaway, San Francisco, CA

Marilyn Hugon, Duncan

ImageNet Consulting, Oklahoma City

Hillary and Tim Jenney, Tulsa

Elise Kilpatrick, Tulsa

John Koons, Oklahoma City

Jane LaGree, Oklahoma City

Lawton Public Schools, Lawton

Mark and Carol Lester, Oklahoma City

Gloria and Jim Long, Norman **

Matt Marr, Los Angeles, CA *

John McNeese, Ponca City

Martin and Martha McNeese, Edmond **

Rebecca McNeese, Oklahoma City

Mari Cook Medley, Oklahoma City *

Leigh Ann Moss and Eric Sherburn, Tulsa

Muralee Muraleetharan and Sivanuja Sundaram, Norman **

NBC Oklahoma, Altus **

Tim Blake Nelson and Lisa Benavides-Nelson, New York, NY *

Charles Oppenheim, Oklahoma City

Leah Pappan, Newkirk

PEEPS for Oklahoma Public School Orchestras Fund, Elk City

Anthony and Tracy Ratcliff, Edmond **

Sam Viersen Family Foundation, Tulsa

Avis and Phil Scaramucci, Oklahoma City

Heather Schuler, Ventura, CA

Bob and Sandy Sober, Tulsa **

David and Beverley Stinchcomb, Oklahoma City

Jeri Strange, Plainview, TX

Brian and Angela Teed, Sherman Oaks, CA *

Quang and BaoLien Tu, Midwest City **

Tulsa Community Foundation, Tulsa

Rob and Lindsey Ward, Euless, TX *

Stakeholders ($250 - $999)

Stephanie and Ben Aaron, Oklahoma City *

Linda Amaya, Arcadia

Mary Ann Appleby, Altus

Rilla Askew and Paul Austin, Norman

Gail Beals, Oklahoma City

Donna and Roy Belli, Lancaster, PA

Steven Berlin and Debra Smith-Berlin, Tulsa **

Debbie Berman, The Villages, FL

Randy Beutler, Weatherford

John and Amanda Blevins, Moore **

David and Candace Braddock, Altus **

Theresa and Toni Bragg, Norman **

Ken Busby, Tulsa

Randall Calvert, Oklahoma City

Raj Chandwaney and Vani Singhal, Tulsa **

Caroline Chapman, San Francisco, CA *

Dennis Chaumont, Edmond

Lixia Chen and Junjie Wu, Norman **

Lance Christian, Portland, OR

Emily and Marc Claudé, Norman

Rangar and Jennifer Cline, Norman **

Adam and Stephanie Clinton, Norman **

Gary and Pamela Clinton, Norman **

Jonathan and Cathie Coussens, Oklahoma City *

Michael Crawford, Oklahoma City

Bob E. Curtis, Oklahoma City

Bob and Kathy Daniel, Tahlequah **

Becky and Donald Davis, Edmond **

Erin and Tom Dewalt, Moore **

Larry and Sharon Duffy, Altus **

Diane Dykens, Altus

Eastern Motors, Altus **

Christiane Faris, Seattle, WA

David Fennema, Norman

Michael and Jana Finch, Altus

Polly Sue Fleet, Oklahoma City *

Mary Frates, Oklahoma City **

Julie and Alfredo Galarza, Norman **

David Gandall, Oklahoma City

M. Charles Gilbert, Norman **

Jeff and Lisa Greenlee, Altus **

Lisa and Joe Hampton, Edmond * **

Chad and Jillian Haney, Edmond * **

Jose Luis and Taylor Hernandez, Tulsa

Don and Kay Holladay, Norman **

Roger and Lois Hornbrook, Oklahoma City **

Clark and Gina Huey, Altus

David and Kittie Huey, Altus

Ann James, Silver Spring, MD

Stephen and Becky James, Stillwater

Tom and Linda Jordan, Strawn, TX

Kyle Keenum, Altus

David and Jennifer Keglovits, Tulsa **

Kingdom ComeUNITY, Mangum

Yolanda Kondonassis and Michael D. Sachs, Beachwood, OH *

Mary and Paul Kruska, Altus

Marvin Lamb, Norman

Nancy and Tim Leonard, Oklahoma City

Kathy Liontas-Warren, Lawton

Andrew and Megan Madden, Norman **

Bill Major and Robert Babcock, Tulsa

David Martin and Anna Maria Rodriguez, Norman **

Bruce and Deborah Mason, Norman **

Maggie Matheny, Tulsa *

Eric and Julie McConnell, Irving, TX

Richard and Liz McKown, Norman * **

Brad McNeese, Tulsa

Hank McNeese, Ponca City

Zach and Kerry McNickle, Stillwater **

Paul and Theresa Meier, Edmond **

Mandy Merrifield, Oklahoma City

Carson Misner, Oklahoma City

Michael Murray, Springfield, MO

Neighborhood Services Organization, Oklahoma City

Casey Nichols, Broken Arrow

Jim and Opal Norris, Altus

Alan Novey, Oklahoma City

Kristen and Lon Ocker, Norman **

O.K. Detrick Foundation, Inc., Bartlesville

Phil and Glyna Olson, Altus

ONEOK, Inc., Tulsa

Jacquelyn and James Parrish, Altus

Thomas and Nancy Payne, Tulsa

Janice Pellam, Altus

Cathy Perri, Nichols Hills *

Elizabeth Pierce, Norman **

Jon and Tana Redelsperger, Enid **

Polly Robinson-Baxter and Michael Baxter, Tulsa **

Cynthia and José Rodriguez, Oklahoma City

Heather Schuler, Ventura, CA

John and Mary Seward, Oklahoma City **

Michelle Sexton, Oklahoma City

Caroline and Alistair Smith, Tulsa **

Emily and Guy Smith, Altus **

Tyler Smith, Oklahoma City

Sam and Cindy Stitt, Altus

Tara Street, Oklahoma City * **

Elizabeth Sublett, Tulsa

Kira Switzer and Chris Lemon, Norman **

Mary Gordon Taft, Oklahoma City **

Joseph and Theresa Thai, Oklahoma City **

Ryan Thornton, Alexandria, VA

Family of Juliette Victor, Livermore, CA

Margaret Walsh, Oklahoma City

Ron and Cindy Ward, El Reno

Rebecca Warren, Altus

Joel Wellnitz, Ardmore

Jo-Ann Wenzell, Broken Arrow **

Elizabeth and Scott White, Tulsa *

Harold and Margaret Worrell, Altus

Tom and Ellen Yates, Altus

Brad and Amy Zerger, Piedmont

Contributors ($1 - $249)

Aldonian Club, Altus

Tom and Karen Allen, Oklahoma City **

Jim and Katie Arens, Tulsa **

Maurice and Lizabeth Armstrong, Blanchard

Ryan Austin

Kay and Bob Bartlett, Altus

Patricia Basnett, Tulsa **

Ami Bax, Edmond *

Jim and Kathy Bayers, Altus

Evan Beasley, Oklahoma City *

Lori Beasley, Oklahoma City **

Amber Bell, Collinsville

Charles Berry, Oklahoma City

Bill Berry, Sapulpa

Cameron Bethuram, Tulsa **

Carrie Blanco, The Woodlands, TX

Michele Boatman, Oklahoma City

The Booterie, Altus

Maggie Boyett, Oklahoma City *

Doug Bracken

Erin Brewer, Edmond

Mary Ann Briggs, Ada

Barbara Brinkman, Altus

Broadway Pharmacy, Altus

Ray and Debbie Brzozowski, Altus

Burk and Mitsi Bullington, Hollis

Chloe Cagle, Durant *

Maria Cancini, Sapulpa **

Mike Cantrell, Ada

Nash Carey, Edmond

Marsha and Robert Carman, Weatherford

Michael Carpenter, Katy, TX

Phil and Ruth Carson, Altus

Stephen and Michaele Cesar, Altus

Malcom Champlin, Edmond

Linda and Aubrey Chitsey, Harrah

Steven and Catherine Chrysant, Oklahoma City

Jane Clark, Altus

Pat Clinton, Ponca City

Jim and Teresa Coffman, Oklahoma City **

Amy Colon, Urbana, IL

Continental Resources, Inc., Oklahoma City

Betty Cook, Oklahoma City **

Joyce Cook, Oklahoma City

Paul and Michelle Cooper, Collinsville **

Madeline Corey, Altus

Ann Stone Costello, Vero Beach, FL

Debbie Cox, Choctaw

Michael Cox, Oklahoma City *

Bobby Crandall, Flower Mound, TX

Cori Crawford *

Robin Croninger, Edmond

Charlotte Daniel, Waco, TX

Robetha Darby, Duke **

Terry and Nancy Davidson, Altus

Karla Davis

Larry and Judy Davis, Altus **

Mark and Stacey Dawkins, Edmond **

Brenda Deagle, Stillwater

Annette DeVore, Edmond **

Dobbs and Braddock, Inc., Altus **

Ford and Vanessa Drummond, Bartlesville **

Buddy and Emilie Dugan, Altus

Todd Edmonds, Oklahoma City

Margaret Erickson Elwood, Norman **

Todd and Janet Estes, Oklahoma City **

Laura Evans, Oklahoma City

Tracy Evans, Norman

Linda Exstrom, Altus

Charles and Ruth Fields, Blair

Yatika Starr Fields, Tulsa *

Amanda Foster, Tishomingo

Morris and Rosa Foster, Fort Worth, TX

Fox, Drechsler & Brickley, Inc., Altus

Donald Frank, Altus

Kent Frates, Oklahoma City **

Linda and Marc Frazier, Tulsa

Teresa Freeman, Edmond

Gregory and Melinda Garcia, Tulsa **

Douglas and Theresa Gardiner, Altus

Marie Garrison, Altus

Michael Geiger, Altus

Preston Gilpatrick, Fort Worth, TX *

Mary and Dickson Glass, South Burlington, VT

Mark and Jeanna Goodman, Altus

James Gragg, Oklahoma City

Shelly and Tommy Gragg, Edmond

Robert Guttormsen, Altus

Katherine Hale, Blair **

Bruce Harkins, Edmond

Trey Hays, Tishomingo

Madeline Head *

Jan Heaton, Oakwood, OH

Walt and Jean Hendrickson, Warr Acres

Mary Henrichsen, Edmond

Mary and Weston Hill, Carmen

Howard and Kelly Hinton, Edmond

Betty Hollingshead, Oklahoma City

Andrew and Odette Horton, Norman **

Brent and Jennifer Howard, Altus

Renee Howard, Headrick

Lorraine and Tom Hubbard, Blair

Carolyn and Bob Hudson, Tulsa **

Marian C. Hulsey, Oklahoma City

Merl and Carole Hysinger, Altus

Louise Ivie, Hobart

Katherine Jarvis, Denver, CO *

Mary Jenkins, Oklahoma City

Bill and Jan Johnson, Altus

Alyssa Johnston, Richardson, TX

Montega Jordan

Peggy Kahre **

Jody Keene, Sherwood, AR

Kara Keeton, Oklahoma City

Walt and Marilyn Kelley, Norman **

Jon and Billye Kidwell, Altus **

Bradley and Barbara Kiespert, Edmond **

Andy and Carla Kimberling, Norman

Bobby and Janice Kirk, Altus

Kristin Klontz, Edmond

June Knight, Altus

Robert and Suzanne Kopitke, Frisco, TX

Lee Krumholz and Cecelia Brown, Norman **

Teresa Lanham, Edmond

Darill Leverett, Altus

Robert Leveridge, Norman **

Amy Loughridge, Edmond

Dana Love

Ann Lynch, Fairland

Dwayne and Krystal Martin, Altus

Charles Martin, Altus

Fred and Mary Marvel, Oklahoma City

Tom and Denise McAskill, Altus **

Donna McCampbell, Oklahoma City **

Gail McClung

Jolene and John McLeod, Altus

Cole McNeese, Mansfield, MA

Kristin McNeese, Edmond

Dana and B.J. Mickley, Altus

MidFirst Bank, Oklahoma City

Marty Miller, Edmond

Caleb Mitchum, Oklahoma City *

Mark and Shannon Moad, The Village

Barry and Teresa Mock, Altus

John Mock, Altus

Johnny and Rebekkah Morrow, Altus **

Jan Mould, Gray, TN

Gloria Mowbray, The Villages, FL

Elizabeth Myles, Chicago, IL *

Sharon Neuwald, Oklahoma City

Rodney Nichols, Altus

Jan Ivan and Cindy Oden, Altus

Tal Oden, Altus

Brad Orsburn, Salinas, CA *

Glenn Pappan

Wes Pappan

Jonathan Park, Austin, TX

Shirlee and Bryan Patzkowski, Oklahoma City

Dalton Pettigrew, Tulsa *

Andrew Phelan, Norman

Tom and Jennifer Philp, Tulsa **

Greg and Kim Pickett, Altus

Richard and Cindy Pope, Altus

Jerry and Jennifer Raab, Altus

Darby Ralls, Oklahoma City

Mike and Tracy Reed, Edmond

Jami Reever

Molly Reid, Altus

Beth and Tom Ridgway, Norman

Anne Roberts, Norman

Johnny and Betsy Roberts, Altus

Kathrine Roberts, Oklahoma City

Lutie Rodriguez

Kathy and Jim Rule, Edmond

Dewey and Mary Runyan, Altus

Elenore Russell, Pittsburg, KS

Andie Schwab, Edmond

Thu Scott, Altus **

Harry and Joan Seay, Tulsa **

Amy and Dean Sergent, Oklahoma City **

Shortgrass Arts and Humanities Council, Altus

Kelly Singleton, Rochester, MN

Sandy and Jacquelyn Singleton, Bartlesville

Tracy Skinner, Edmond

Christopher Smith, Prairie Village, KS

Colin Smith, Bixby

Diana Smith, Edmond

Lexi Smith, Oklahoma City

Brandy Snyder, Edmond

Hairong Song, Norman **

Ida Jo Southall, Altus

Sue Spahn, Tulsa

Sparklight, Altus

Mary Steichen

Andy Stewart, Fort Worth, TX

Todd Stewart, Norman

Victoria Stokke, Ponca City **

Frank Stone, Edmond

Sam Stone, Albuquerque, NM

Emily and David Stratton, Norman **

Suzanne Thomas, Oklahoma City

Clinton Trench, Oklahoma City *

Kally Tuttle, Altus

Val's It's About Time, Altus

Brian Wall, Oklahoma City

Barton and Ashley Wells, Oklahoma City **

Mark and Joy Whitlock, Altus

April Wilkerson, Norman

Raeann Willingham Azbill

Sid Willis, Altus

Harbour and Mary Winn, Oklahoma City **

Jene Winston

Sheilah Winters, Edmond

Michelle Wircenski, Highland Village, TX

Jacqueline Witte, Altus

Janeen Woodall, Oklahoma City

Cecil and Janet Wright, Altus

David Wright, Stillwater **

Jiahong Wu and Ji Yan, Mishawaka, IN **

Yujiang Xiang and Liuyang Yu, Stillwater **

Cynthia and Robbie Yanik, Tulsa **

Nancy Yoch, Norman