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2019 Dance

Dance students will receive an intensive education with five hours a day of both ballet and modern dance classes; therefore, students must be adaptable to both styles of dance. Instruction will include advanced ballet and modern technique, variations, and partnering/pas de deux class at the discretion of the instructor/s. Pointe training will be offered to students who meet the guidelines listed below. Students who do not wish to participate in pointe work will receive ballet training in soft shoes. Students will learn composition, improvisation, and repertoire for ballet and modern dance. Other forms of dance and supplemental classes or seminars may also be incorporated into instructional sessions at the discretion of the instructor. Students will rehearse for and dance in a final performance at the conclusion of OSAI. Twenty dance students are accepted.

Requirements for Applicants


In order to succeed in the rigorous schedule at Quartz Mountain, it is recommended that you have completed a minimum of 3 years of formal dance training and participate in at least 3 dance classes per week. Applicants who wish to participate in pointe training at Quartz Mountain must have a minimum of 2 years of pointe experience and will perform pointe exercises during the audition. Applicants are NOT required to dance en pointe in order to audition.

1. Complete an online application and schedule your audition no later than noon the weekday before your desired audition date. See dates in right side bar or view full audition schedule here. Audition spaces fill quickly, so schedule as soon as possible.

2. Bring a government-issued I.D. or birth certificate to your audition for age verification purposes.

3. Read below guidelines to prepare your audition.

4. Arrive at your audition at least 15 minutes early to check in and warm up. The audition is a master class consisting of barre, floor work, and improvisation.


What to Expect at Your Audition

The audition is a 2-hour master class consisting of one hour of ballet, followed by one hour of modern dance. The dance studio will be open 30 minutes prior to the assigned start time for warm-up.

The ballet portion of the audition will consist of a traditional ballet barre, center floor exercises, and men’s jumps. Applicants en pointe who meet the guidelines listed above will be asked to wear pointe shoes for the last 15 minutes of the ballet portion of the audition. Non-pointe applicants will perform the ballet exercises in soft shoes.

The modern portion of the audition will consist of warm-up, center combinations, movement phrases across the floor, and improvisation. Applicants will be given a prompt for the improvisation portion of the audition.

Audition Tips

  • Dance auditions occur after the long winter break. Please take as many technique classes as possible during the break so you are at your best. Judges will be looking for dancers who are adaptable to both ballet and modern dance, so you are encouraged to take a variety of classes in preparation for your audition.
  • Arrive at the audition early so you may become familiar with the studio, check in, prepare, and warm up.
  • Dancewear requirements are specified below. Plan your dancewear well in advance of the audition. Wear it for a technique class prior to the audition to be certain it is comfortable and flattering. You want to present a neat, professional appearance.
  • Before the audition, please tell the instructor about any recent or chronic injuries so he or she can help you take appropriate precautions.
  • During the audition, if you don’t understand a combination or direction, raise your hand and ask the instructor to repeat the information.
  • Approach the audition as an opportunity to take a class from a new teacher. The teacher and the judges realize you may be a bit nervous. They want to see your movement and performance qualities, as well as your technique, so enjoy the experience!

Mandatory Audition Attire


Black leotards, pink transition tights, long hair pulled back and secured off the face. For the ballet portion of the audition, wear pink slippers. If you have at least 2 years of pointe experience, bring pointe shoes. (Applicants en pointe will be asked to wear pointe shoes for the last 15 minutes of the ballet portion of the audition.) For the modern portion of the audition, you will dance barefoot.


White t-shirts, black transition tights, black shoes, long hair pulled back and secured off the face. For the modern portion of the audition, you will dance barefoot.

Judging Criteria

• Ballet technique – 25%
• Modern dance technique – 25%
• Musicality – 15%
• Retention of choreography – 10%
• Disposition/personal appearance – 10%
• Artistry – 15%


Read general information about our adjudication procedures here.

Download the Conflict of Interest form dance judges sign.

Funding for the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute dance program is generously provided, in part, by the ConocoPhillips and Kerr Foundation Dance Endowment Funds.