Applicants must be Oklahoma residents.

In general, applicants for OSAI 2024 must be at least 15 years old by September 1, 2024. (i.e., Students may be as young as 14 during OSAI as long as they turn 15 by September 1, 2024.)

The vast majority of current 9th-12th graders can apply. Graduating seniors up to age 19 are still eligible.

The earliest most students are eligible to attend OSAI is the summer after their freshman year of high school. (Current freshman who will not be 15 by September 1, 2024 may still be eligible to audition. Please call our office at 405.605.7500 for more information.)

Yes. You can apply for up to three art forms/disciplines.

If you choose to apply to more than one discipline, you will rank your disciplines in order of preference when you apply for OSAI. If your audition score qualifies you for more than one discipline, your ranking will determine which discipline you will study at OSAI.

You can view the requirements for each discipline's audition by visiting their pages: acting, chorus, creative writing, dance, drawing & painting, film & video, orchestra, photography.

All disciplines will upload materials online as their audition.

  • Public libraries often have computers and/or internet hotspots you can check out.
  • Your school may be able to provide internet access for creating or uploading auditions.
  • School counselors can connect you with local resources.
  • For acting, chorus, dance, and orchestra students: Remember that you can use (or borrow) a smartphone or tablet to record your audition materials.
  • Please don't let lack of technology access prevent you from auditioning. OAI staff members are available to help! Please contact us at or 405.605.7500 for assistance.

There is a non-refundable audition fee of $25 for each discipline.

Students demonstrating financial need may be eligible for assistance. If you are interested in receiving assistance to cover your audition fee(s), complete your online application and select the option to apply for financial aid. Please do NOT let financial concerns deter you from applying. If you have questions about costs or financial aid, call 405.605.7500 or email


All applicants, whether accepted, not accepted, or selected as an alternate, will be notified via email by April.

The number of alternates in each discipline varies based on how many alternates have been needed in a specific discipline in the past; some disciplines have as few as one alternate, some have as many as 10.

It differs from year to year, and there’s no way to predict how many alternates will be selected; however, historically there have been more alternates selected in performing arts disciplines as compared to literary or visual arts disciplines.

OAI staff will contact the next alternate as soon as they have been notified a spot is available. Alternates may be contacted as late as the day before OSAI begins.

Please contact OAI staff: 405.605.7500 or Knowing you no longer wish to be considered for OSAI ensures the next alternate can be contacted as early as possible.

Attending Students

Every accepted student receives a full scholarship to attend OSAI, worth over $4,200 each.

Attending students will be asked to pay a commitment fee of $300 and may also be asked to bring or purchase discipline-specific supplies.

Students demonstrating financial need may be eligible for assistance through the OAI Angel Fund. Please do NOT let financial concerns deter you from applying. If you have questions about costs or assistance, call 405.605.7500 or email

  • Scholarships are provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and matched by private donations secured by the Oklahoma Arts Institute.
  • Additional program funding is provided by the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Most students drive to OSAI with a parent/guardian, relative, or friend. The Institute is held at the Quartz Mountain State Park & Lodge in southwest Oklahoma. Click here for directions. 

OAI also arranges round-trip, charter bus transportation for interested students coming from Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Some students need assistance coordinating transportation. Please do NOT let transportation or financial concerns deter you from applying. If you have questions about costs or assistance, call 405.605.7500 or email

No. Students are required to check in on the first Saturday of OSAI and remain until the end of Closing Ceremonies on the final Sunday. Additionally, students are NOT allowed to leave Quartz Mountain during the program. In rare cases, OAI staff may grant an exception to this rule, but must acknowledge that having all students present during the entirety of the Institute is in the interest of the OAI community as a whole.

For questions regarding attendance, contact Emily Claudé, Director of Programs, at

24-hour on-site security and medical staff ensure the safety of every OSAI student. All students are housed within the Quartz Mountain State Park which is monitored by park rangers.

All housing facilities are air-conditioned. Housing assignments are designed to encourage interaction between students of different disciplines, and roommates are assigned by age and gender.

Recognizing that these housing options may not be appropriate for everyone, OAI also offers gender-inclusive housing. Gender-inclusive housing is open to students whose needs are not met by our traditional housing options and supports OAI’s non-discrimination policy, which has been developed to ensure a supportive environment where all students feel safe, regardless of gender expression or gender identity. To inquire about gender-inclusive housing or for any other questions related to housing, please contact Emily Claudé at or 405.605.7500.

All meals are served buffet style, and gluten-free and vegan options are available at each meal. Special diets may be accommodated, but OAI must be apprised in advance.

Some equipment and supplies are provided. You may also need to bring supplies specific to your discipline. Supply lists will be available on students' online status page prior to OSAI.

The Student & Family Handbook and other important information will be available on students' online status page following student selections.