Applicants must be enrolled in an Oklahoma public school, private school, or homeschool program.

In general, applicants for this year’s program must be at least 15 years old by September 1, 2019. (i.e. It’s okay if you’re 14 during the Summer Institute, but you must turn 15 by September 1, 2019 to apply.) Graduating seniors up to age 19 are also eligible. This means the vast majority of current 9th-12th graders can apply. Current freshman who will not be 15 by September 1 may still be eligible to audition. Please call our office at 405.605.7500 for more information.

Yes. You can apply for up to four art forms/disciplines.

If you are interested in more than one area, consider applying for more than one discipline. It will increase your chances of being accepted to OSAI.

When you apply for OSAI, you will rank your disciplines in order of preference. If your audition score qualifies you for more than one discipline, your ranking will determine which discipline you will study at OSAI.

You must complete your online application and schedule your audition no later than NOON the weekday before your audition. For example, if you wish to audition on Saturday, January 20, or Sunday, January 21, you must have completed your online scheduling by noon on Friday, January 19.

Audition spaces fill quickly, so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $20 for one discipline and $15 for each discipline after that.

Every accepted student receives a full scholarship to attend OSAI.

In addition to the $20 application fee, attending students must pay a commitment fee of $290. Also, some disciplines require students to bring supplies.

Students demonstrating financial need may be eligible for assistance through the OAI Angel Fund. Please do NOT let financial concerns deter you from applying. If you have questions about costs or assistance, call 405.605.7500 or email

  • Scholarships are provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and matched by private donations secured by the Oklahoma Arts Institute.
  • Additional program funding is provided by the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

In order to verify your date of birth, you must bring a government-issued I.D. to your audition/interview. Acceptable forms of identification include birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and passports. If you have another form of identification and are unsure whether it will be permitted, please contact our office at or 405.605.7500.

No. Auditions are judged on a statewide basis, not by audition location. Acceptance is based on audition scores, not on demographics. You can read more about our adjudication procedures here.


All applicants, whether accepted, not accepted, or accepted as an alternate, will be notified via email by April.

The number of alternates in each discipline varies based on how many alternates have been needed in a specific discipline in the past; some disciplines have one alternate, some have 10.

First alternates are notified they are the first alternate in their discipline because they have the highest chance of having an opportunity to attend. Other alternate rankings are not disclosed.

It differs from year to year, and there’s no way to predict how many alternates will be selected; however, historically there have been more alternates selected in performing arts disciplines as compared to literary or visual arts disciplines.

OAI staff will contact the next alternate as soon as they have been notified a spot is available. Alternates may be contacted as late as the day before OSAI begins.

OAI staff will call the primary and secondary phone numbers listed in an applicant’s record.  If no one is reached, the staff will leave voicemail messages, and the applicant will have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received within 24 hours, the next alternate is contacted.

Please contact OAI staff: 405.605.7500 or Knowing you no longer wish to be considered for OSAI ensures the next alternate can be contacted as early as possible.

Attending Students

No. Students are required to check in at the Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center in Lone Wolf, OK, on the first Saturday of the Institute and remain until the end of Closing Ceremonies on the final Sunday. Additionally, students are NOT allowed to leave the camp during the program, except during a few designated hours on the middle Sunday. In rare cases, the Institute staff may grant an exception to this rule, but will take into account not only the best interest of the student asking for such an exception, but also the interest of the OAI community as a whole in having all students present during the entirety of the Institute. For questions regarding attendance, contact Emily Claudé, Director of Programs, at

Yes, the ACT typically conflicts with OSAI arrival day, and we are accustomed to making necessary arrangements for test takers. If possible, we encourage you to take the ACT at a testing site in southwest Oklahoma so you can arrive on time. If you are selected for OSAI, please contact our office at or 405.605.7500 to inform us of your plans.

24-hour on-site security and medical staff ensure the safety of every OSAI student.

All students are housed within the Quartz Mountain State Park. Female students reside in the Quartz Mountain Lodge, and male students stay in dormitories and cabins on the park grounds. The entire state park is monitored by park rangers and 24-hour OAI security staff.

All meals will be served buffet style in the lodge dining room. Gluten-free options, vegetarian options, a salad bar, and fresh fruits are available at each meal. Special diets may be accommodated, but OAI must be apprised in advance.

Some equipment and supplies are provided. You will also need to bring supplies specific to your discipline. Supply lists are available on the Student Information page prior to the Institute.

Parents and Visitors

Please visit our Directions page for maps and detailed instructions.

Student performance dates can be found on the Student Performance page. All student performances are open to the public and free of charge.

All orchestra students will perform in a chamber group or ensemble in one of two evening performances. Orchestra students will receive details in late May regarding which night they will perform.

Limited overnight accommodations are available in the nearby town of Altus (a 20-minute drive from Quartz Mountain). There are approximately 270 students whose families and friends will be visiting during the final weekend and need accommodations, so we recommend you make your reservations as soon as possible. Information about lodging in the Quartz Mountain area is available on our Directions page. Please note: OSAI students are expected to stay through Closing Ceremonies on the final Sunday, regardless of when the final performance for their discipline occurs.

VIP Day is for major donors and public partners of the Oklahoma Arts Institute and will take place on the middle Saturday during OSAI. Due to limited space on campus, this event is by invitation only. Parents and guests are, however, welcome to attend the chorus and orchestra concerts that evening and will be able to visit campus and tour classes on the final Saturday during ONSTAGE Weekend.

The student/parent handbook and other important information will be posted on our website at as soon as it becomes available.