OSAI 2021 Auditions

Due to the ongoing pandemic, OSAI auditions are being held entirely online this year. More info >>

Artistic Advisory Panels

Oklahoma’s Leading Arts Professionals

The Artistic Advisory Panels guide the Oklahoma Arts Institute’s programs. Composed of leading arts professionals from across Oklahoma, the panels assess program needs, determine curricula, judge auditions, and recommend faculty artists.

  • Daniel Farris, Associate Professor, SWOSU

  • Jan Hanson, Professor, USAO

  • Lauren Fogarty, Middle and Upper School Vocal Music Director, Holland Hall

  • Joshua Hawkins Nannestad, OSAI Alum & Associate Professor, SEOSU

  • Karsten Longhurst, Director of Choral Studies, NWOSU

  • Karl Nelson, Director of Choral Studies, UCO

  • Pam Mowry, Executive Director, Canterbury Voices

  • Holly Sisk, Music Educator, Tahlequah High School

  • J. Steven Walker, Director of Choral Activities, ECU

  • Richard Zielinski, Director of Choral Activities, OU

Creative Writing Advisory Panel
  • Joshua Grasso, Associate Professor, ECU

  • Shawn Holliday, Professor, NWOSU

  • Matt Hollrah, Associate Professor, UCO

  • Michelle Johnson, Managing Editor, World Literature Today

  • Benjamin Myers, OSAI Alum and Professor, OBU

  • Jonathan Stalling, Professor, OU

  • Jason Stephenson, Director of Secondary English Language Arts, Oklahoma State Department of Education

  • E. Ann D. Stone, Poetry Editor, NIMROD

  • Harbour Winn, Professor Emeritus, OCU

Dance Advisory Panel
  • Marcello Angelini, Artistic Director, Tulsa Ballet

  • Tiffany Barber, OSAI Alum and Educator, Philadelphia, PA

  • John Bedford, Ann Lacy Dean, School of American Dance and Entertainment, OCU

  • Candace Dragg, OSAI Alum and Educator, Norman High School

  • CeCe Farha, Owner & Director, Range of Motion Dance Studio

  • Mary Margaret Holt, Dean, College of Fine Arts, OU

  • Stacey Jenkins, General Manager, Tulsa Ballet

  • Tonya Kilburn, Artistic Director, Prairie Dance Theatre

  • Jenna LaViolette, Director of Dance, Dance Maker Academy

  • Robert Mills, Artistic Director, Oklahoma City Ballet

  • Racheal Nye, School Director, Oklahoma City Ballet

  • Hui Cha Poos, Dance Education Coordinator, UCO

  • Tyne Shillingford, Chair, Upper School Fine Arts Department, Holland Hall

  • Jo Rowan, Chair, Department of Dance, OCU

  • Bryan Cardinale-Powell, Chair, Film Department, OCU

  • Gray Frederickson, Oklahoma City Community College

  • Kim Haywood, Executive Director, Rodeo Cinema

  • Andrew Horton, Professor Emeritus, OU

  • Beau Leland, Motion Group Editor, VI Marketing and Branding, Oklahoma City

  • Rick Allen Lippert, Owner, Lippert Media

  • Lance McDaniel, Executive Director, deadCenter Film Festival

  • Alan Novey, Independent Cinematographer and Producer, Oklahoma City

  • Clifton Raphael, Film & Television Educator, Jenks High School

  • Amy Smith, Digital Video Production Instructor, Moore Norman Technology Center

  • Clark Wiens, President & Co-Founder, Circle Cinema

  • Harbour Winn, Professor Emeritus, OCU

  • Rod Ackmann, Professor, OU

  • Chris Barber, Fine Arts Coordinator, Owasso Public Schools

  • Meredith Blecha-Wells, Professor, OSU

  • John Clinton, Conductor, Edmond Chamber Orchestra

  • Eugene Enrico, Professor, OU

  • Jeffrey Grogan, Artistic Director, Oklahoma Youth Orchestras

  • Jose Luis Hernandez, Director, Sistema Tulsa

  • Jim Lambert, Chair, Department of Music, Cameron University

  • Hsuan-Yu Alex Lee, Assistant Professor, SWOSU

  • Mark Parker, Dean, Wanda L. Bass School of Music, OCU

  • Ron Wheeler, Conductor, Tulsa Youth Symphony Orchestra

Photography Advisory Panel
  • Joy Reed Belt, Owner/Director, JRB Art at the Elms

  • Konrad Eek, Photographer and Owner, Maxwell Eek Design Photography

  • Stacy Johnson, Educator, Epic Charter School

  • Julia Kirt, Oklahoma State Senator

  • Ben Long, OSAI Alum & Freelance Photographer and Consultant, San Francisco, CA

  • Andy Mattern, Assistant Professor, OSU

  • David McNeese, OSAI Alum & Photographer and Owner, McNeese Stills+Motion

  • Cynthia Rodriguez, Art Educator, Classen School of Advanced Studies

  • Liz Roth, Professor, OSU

  • John Seward, Painter & Photographer, Oklahoma City

  • Todd Stewart, Associate Professor, OU

Theatre Advisory Panel
  • Paul Austin, Writer, Actor, and Director, Norman

  • Michael Baron, Artistic Director, Lyric Theatre

  • Machele Miller Dill, Musical Theatre Director, TU

  • David Fennema, Emeritus Faculty, Cameron University

  • Daisy Folsom, Professor, UCO

  • Amber Harrington, Chair, Fine Arts Department, Thomas Edison High School

  • D. Lance March, Professor, OCU

  • Alissa Mortimer, OSAI Alum & Assistant Professor, OU

  • Steve Strickler, Director of Theatre, SWOSU

  • Kimberly Weast, Professor, NWOSU

  • Marwin Begaye, Professor, OU

  • Joy Reed Belt, Owner/Director, JRB Art at the Elms

  • Julia Kirt, Oklahoma State Senator

  • Katherine Liontas-Warren, Professor, Cameron University

  • Michelle Martin, Associate Professor, TU

  • Andrew Phelan, Retired Professor, OU

  • Cynthia Rodriguez, Art Educator, Classen School of Advanced Studies

  • Liz Roth, Professor, OSU

  • Audrey Schmitz, Professor, Northern Oklahoma College

  • Sara Scribner, Owner & Artist, Scribners Gallery

  • John Seward, Painter & Photographer, Oklahoma City

  • Laura Warriner, Founder, [Artspace] at Untitled