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2022 Orchestra

The Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra.  Repertoire consists of standard and contemporary symphonic literature. Orchestra students rehearse with professional musicians and perform under the direction of an internationally recognized conductor.

In addition to orchestral studies, instrumental students have the option to enroll in chamber music, jazz studies, or composition lessons providing students a well-rounded musical experience under the daily guidance of faculty coaches.

The instrumental music schedule includes music electives, full orchestra rehearsals, sectional coaching, and private lessons facilitated by instrumental faculty.

Unfortunately, students may not audition on the following instruments: English horn, piccolo, saxophone, contrabassoon, bass clarinet, E-flat clarinet, bass trombone, euphonium (baritone), or harp.

Requirements for Applicants

2023 OSAI Audition Information Coming Soon!

1. Complete an online application and schedule your audition no later than noon the weekday before your desired audition date. See dates in right side bar or view full audition schedule here. Applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule their audition on the earliest possible date they are available to ensure there are rescheduling opportunities remaining in the audition season, if they have to cancel their audition due to illness.

2. Read guidelines below to prepare your audition.

3. Arrive at your audition at least 15 minutes early to check in and warm up.

You must bring a copy of your selected solo piece to give to the facilitator. OAI will retain this copy and you will not receive it back after the audition. Please do NOT include your name anywhere on the copy.

COVID-19 Protocol

Due to the continued prevalence of the COVID-19 virus and recent surge of the Omicron variant in Oklahoma, the following special precautions will be taken in order to keep all applicants, facilitators, guests, and staff members safe during in-person auditions: 

  • Only one guest may accompany an OSAI applicant into the audition site’s registration and waiting areas. (All other guests must wait outside or in their vehicle.) As always, guests are not permitted in the audition room during an applicant’s audition.
  • OSAI applicants, guests, facilitators, and staff members are expected to wear face masks upon entry into all audition sites, during check-in, and during waiting times. (Audition facilitators will instruct applicants to remove their mask when their audition begins.)
  • If an OSAI applicant becomes sick prior to their audition, OAI staff must be notified immediately. Applicants who test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms of contagious illness will not be allowed to attend in-person auditions. OAI staff will make every reasonable effort to reschedule applicants who are sick and, therefore, unable to attend their auditions. Likewise, applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule their audition on the earliest possible date they are available to ensure there are rescheduling opportunities remaining in the audition season, if they have to cancel their audition due to illness. For questions or to arrange for accommodations due to illness, please contact the OAI office: 405.605.7500 or oai@oaiquartz.org.

Thank you for helping to ensure the safety of our community!

Audition Guidelines

Auditions will be audio recorded live and sent to judges for scoring at a later date. Judges will NOT be present at the audition. A facilitator will be in the audition room to record the audition, but they will not be scoring.

Each instrument has different audition requirements. Most auditions will consist of 4 components:

  1. Scale
  2. Solo piece of student's choice
  3. Instrument-specific excerpt
  4. Sight reading exercise

Select your instrument below to view specific audition requirements.


Double Bass







To request a hard copy of the required instrument-specific etude, please email oai@oaiquartz.org or call 405.605.7500.

Audition Tips

Watch our video to learn what to expect at your OSAI Orchestra audition.

Feel free to wear casual/comfortable attire. Since auditions are blind and will be audio recorded for scoring at a later date, you will not be interacting with judges at your audition.

Visit the sight reading practice and preparation resources below. Remember, the best way to become a better sight reader is to PRACTICE sight reading!

Click to view a sight reading example of comparable difficulty here.

Judging Criteria

PLEASE NOTE: OSAI audition scores may be used to determine chamber music, music electives, or orchestra part assignments, so prepare for your OSAI audition accordingly. Auditions for all disciplines are as blind as possible, meaning that judges will not have applicants' names, ages, hometowns, etc.
Scale – 5%
Solo – 10%
Excerpt – 10%
Sight reading – 25%
Overall tone, intonation, technique, and rhythm – 50%
Marimba solo – 15%
Snare excerpt – 15%
Sight reading (marimba, snare, and timpani) – 30%
Overall tone, technique, and rhythm – 40%
Funding for the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute orchestra program is generously provided, in part, by the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Orchestra Endowment Fund.