Weekend TWO
October 12-15, 2017

CHECK-IN: Thursday, October 12, Noon-1pm
CHECK-OUT: Sunday, October 15, 10:30-11am

Myth, Magic, and Mojo (Photography)


This workshop is designed to help you discover or renew your creative spirit, and broaden the way you think about photography.

It will help serious amateur or professional photographers reconcile practical and creative lives, to re-examine your own creative process exploring the narrative, aesthetic, and emotional aspects of image making, and find new paths to creative growth. Our goal is to help each participant develop or refine a sense of personal style and to make serious amateur, fine-art, or commercial work more passionate and fulfilling.

The Landscape of Color (Painting)


Gain a visually expressive color vocabulary in your painting by learning to identify and mix colors using Golden Acrylic Paint.

You will learn to interpret the eloquence of color in landscape, developing self-expressive techniques as you explore the transparent properties of Golden Acrylic Paint. Each student will create a series of studies from photographic sources as well as their own imagination. You are encouraged to bring your own photos along with reference material from which to paint. Technical information will be presented in demonstrations and ideas on color in landscape will be considered from the context of art history, literature, poetry, and music.

Creativity and Sacred Play in Watercolor


Explore spiritual, psychological, and practical aspects of expanding your range as a painter.

This workshop addresses spiritual and psychological aspects of creating using watercolor. You will be encouraged to paint outside of your comfort zone in order to discover new ways of working, as well as to explore a range of colors and their characteristics that may expand your palette. Materials, composition, colors and color-mixing will be discussed. In this class it will be more important to stretch than to produce finished paintings, to reach for a boundless source of creativity, and leave preconceptions and limitations behind, thus the emphasis will be on process over content. Discussion time will be included but participation will be optional. This workshop is not for beginners. Come prepared to listen to your “still, small voice” and to surprise yourself by the discoveries you make through deep reflection and sacred play.

Intermediate and advanced participants only.

Reduction Relief Printing


This workshop will focus on how to create multi color reduction prints with vivid color and rich tonal range.

Relief is one of the oldest printmaking techniques and one of the most versatile. In this workshop, we will focus on how to work reductively from linoleum, creating images with four or more colors and the challenges that working in this method can present. Students will learn to create relief prints with rich, beautiful color and tonal range without the “plastic” look. Different methods of transferring images onto the block, accurate registration, cutting tips, ink mixing, and the use of stencils and alternative methods of ink manipulation will be covered.

The Insider's Guide to Storytelling (Fiction Writing)


Using narrative tools that range from those of Aristotle to Henry James to Billy Wilder to Max Perkins, this workshop will put you in possession of all the arcane storytelling tools–not rules!–that are used by editors, producers, and knowledgeable creative writers of every kind.

Storytelling is a discipline that does not submit to rules or totalitarian philosophies about creativity or form or structure. Ulysses, for example, is not at all like The Odyssey, yet both attain the fullest expression of their vision despite being wildly different works told in wildly different ways. But even though the process of creative writing is such a black-magical, alchemical process, it can be understood by the application of a certain narrative tools–strategies and techniques–that have been invented and honed by storytellers over thousands of years. This workshop will put you in possession of all of the major narrative tools that will help you to create better work and to better understand creative work, whether you work primarily in the novel, short fiction, memoir, screenplay, or any other form. Course work will include in- and out-of-session writing, various readings, and the study of film, TV, and music.

Optimizing Orff Lessons through Infusing Music Learning Theory: Tonal, Rhythm, and Movement Applications (Designed for Educators)


This workshop will present a comparison of how Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory address the tonal, rhythm, and movement aspects of music teaching and offer practical suggestions for integration.

Music Learning Theory is a theory of how one learns music and can be implemented with any music philosophy or method. Orff Schulwerk is a process for teaching children music. Since Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory are not considered methods, they can easily be combined. This participatory workshop will consist of early childhood through grade five lesson plans combining Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory. Participants should be ready to sing, chant, play, move, create, and improvise. We will be audiating and performing music with greater understanding and be able to teach our students to become independent musicians. The sequencing of Music Learning Theory and the teaching techniques of Orff Schulwerk has kept me excited about teaching music. I cannot imagine how to teach effectively without combining the ideas of Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory and look forward to sharing these ideas with you.