1977 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute

The first Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute takes place at Camp Egan, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains near Tahlequah. The three-day pilot program includes one hundred Oklahoma high school students who study ballet, mime, orchestra, poetry, or printmaking. The bar is set high for faculty artists with prima ballerina Maria Tallchief and renowned poet Donald Hall. Among the first class of OSAI alums is actress Megan Mullally.




Joy Feldman, Instructor 
Conrad Ludlow, Instructor 
Maria Tallchief, Instructor


Bud Beyer, Instructor 


Judith Somogi, Conductor 
Ann Cafferty, Violin 
Michael Ma, Violin 
Phil Lowry, Viola 
George Banks, Cello 
Linda Ganett, Double Bass 
Vendla Weber, Flute 
Eric Ginsberg, Clarinet 
Elizabeth (Betty) Johnson, Bassoon 
Bruce Heim, Horn 
Jacob Larson, Trumpet 
Allan Kaplan, Trombone 
Mark Mordue, Tuba 
Dan Armstrong, Timpani 
Deborah Mashburn, Percussion 
Denise Brooks, Harp


Donald Hall, Instructor 
Lance Henson, Assistant 
Skip Largent, Assistant


Dan Kiacz, Instructor 
Marilyn Murphy, Assistant