Alumni Spotlight: Aztrid Moan

May 10, 2024

Aztrid Moan is an Oklahoma City-based interdisciplinary artist that attended the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute in 2021 and 2022, studying with instructors Lisa Lebofsky, John Hampshire, and Marwin Begaye. Her most chosen mediums are acrylic, watercolor, and block printing. She often uses silkscreen and block prints to create layered images with fabric and loves to paint underwater animals and scenes of nature. She also works with ceramic ranging from hand sculpting, slab work, coiling, and slip casting, using clay to make a frame or doll arms for mixed media pieces. Additionally, she uses found objects like pinecones, maple seeds, and scraps of metal throughout her work to instill a sense of familiarity, thus drawing the viewer in to find more and create the feeling of a scavenger hunt. 

About her time at OSAI, Moan says, "My time at OSAI helped me use mediums in a different way. Teaching me how to play with shadows, color, texture and subject matter."

Aztrid was recently selected to paint a mural for the Sunny Dayz Mural Festival. This event will take place in Ponca City, at 113 N 4th on June 1st 12-8pm. Sunny Dayz is a non-profit organization founded by OAI friend Virginia Sitzes with the mission to empower, elevate and celebrate underrepresented artists with an emphasis on women and gender minorities through the creation and advocacy of public art.

Learn more Aztrid Moan and her work and Sunny Dayz Mural Festival.

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