34. Harold Holden

Keeper of the Plains



Gift from Richard W. Moore, Jr. 

Harold Holden, a native of Enid, Oklahoma, is known for his highly detailed monumental bronze statues that commemorate the history of Oklahoma and the surrounding states. In Keeper of the Plains, Holden portrays Comanche Chief Quanah Parker, wrapped in blankets and holding a pipe in his arms.

From Keeper of the Plains, turn left and proceed clockwise around the Sundance Café.

35. Enoch Kelly Haney



Acrylic on canvas

Designated a Five Civilized Tribes Master Artist, Haney has also served as an Oklahoma State Representative, an Oklahoma State Senator, and as Principal Chief of the Seminole Nation. Haney’s bronze statue, The Guardian, stands atop the Oklahoma State Capitol dome.


36. Dee J. Lafon

Unknown #2


Watercolor on paper

37. Dee J. Lafon

Unknown #1


Watercolor on paper

Hanging across from each other above the north and south fireplaces are drawings by Oklahoma artist Dee J. Lafon depicting two views of Hicks Mountain. Visible from the apex of the road leading away from the Quartz Mountain Lodge, the sunrise over Hicks Mountain was the inspiration for the original Oklahoma Arts Institute logo.  A member of the founding board of directors of the Oklahoma Arts Institute, Lafon served the Institute in a variety of roles, including several stints as the painting instructor during the Summer Institute.

Continue the tour in the center of the Café, behind the Keeper of the Plains sculpture.

44. Jack Bryan

Horizons Above the Pool


Ceramic glaze drawing on bisque

Gift of Jack and Judy Bryan, Lawton, Oklahoma

45. Jack Bryan

Full Moonlight in Winter


Ceramic glaze wash drawing on bisque

Gift of Robert and Sally Hillis, Lawton, Oklahoma

46. Jack Bryan

Reflection Under the Stars


Ceramic glaze wash drawing on bisque

Gift of Charles Oppenheim, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


These three surreal landscapes were donated to the collection as part of an effort by Bryan to raise scholarship funds for the Arts Institute. Bryan served as chairman of the art department at Cameron University for more than thirty years, was an instructor at the Fall Arts Institute, and is an emeritus member of the Arts Institute’s board of directors.


In the gardens...

47. Menashe Kadishman

Tree #1 (Positive)



Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Simon A. Levit and Family, Tulsa, Oklahoma, honoring the students of the Oklahoma Arts Institute

48. Menashe Kadishman

Tree #2 (Negative)



Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Simon A. Levit and Family, Tulsa, Oklahoma, honoring the students of the Oklahoma Arts Institute

Two large-scale steel sculptures by Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman are focal points of the gardens in front of the lodge and in the courtyard between the lodge’s public areas and guest quarters. An abstracted image of a tree, the positive form, which stands in front of the lodge entrance, was cut from the negative image in the courtyard.

The guest rooms at the Quartz Mountain Lodge are adorned with over 400 original prints by artist Dan Kiacz, including those depicted here. Kiacz, a long-time faculty member at the University of Oklahoma School of Art, was the first visual artist to instruct classes at the Summer Arts Institute. He served for many years as a dedicated instructor and friend of the Arts Institute until his death in 2004.

Dan Kiacz

Lone Wolf



Dan Kiacz

Night Armor