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Featured Workshop: The Olustee Mural Project

August 28, 2017

We are excited to announce a brand new, one-of-a-kind workshop opportunity: The Olustee Mural Project! We're partnering with the town of Olustee and prolific muralist Dr. Bob Palmer to provide a hands-on learning experience during the Fall Arts Institute: October 5-8, 2017. Dr. Palmer will work with a small number of participants to execute a 20'x100' outdoor mural in downtown Olustee. Participants will learn the skills and processes involved in mural painting and be able to take these lessons back to their own communities.

Participants will stay at Quartz Mountain and experience the Fall Arts Institute as they would with our other workshops; however, Olustee is a 40-minute drive from Quartz Mountain, so driving and/or carpooling will be necessary. Due to possible extended hours required to complete the mural, as well as driving time, participants may not be able to attend Fall Arts Institute electives.

Unlike other Fall Arts Institute workshops, a limited number of participants will be selected through an application process. Fall Arts Institute discounts and educator scholarships are still applicable! Interested applicants must have visual arts experience. Please note: Mural painting can be strenuous; only artists who are comfortable working outdoors in a physically demanding environment should apply. If you are currently enrolled in another workshop, we still encourage you to apply. We will transfer your current workshop enrollment if you are selected.

To apply, please complete this form. We are accepting applications through September 11, 2017 and will inform all applicants of selections by September 15.