2002 Oklahoma Fall Arts Institute



Leslie Dillen, Finding Your Own Voice: Personal Monologue
Jean Marc Generoux and France Mousseau, Intermediate/Advanced Ballroom Dance
Jorge nel Giraldo and Marta Mandel, Argentine Tango for Dancers of All Levels
David Hyer and Shelby Rothell, Ballroom Guest Artists
Stephen Kanee, Directing
Ingrid Sonnichsen, Acting
Andrew Smart and Yvette deRevelli, DanceSport
John Swick, Ballroom Guest Artist


Robert Cocke, Landscape Painting
John Fincher, Basic Drawing
Richard Haas, Painting Architecture in Landscape
Dan Kiacz, Printmaking Assistant
Lew Lehrman, Drawing and Journaling in the Classroom
Don Nice, Watercolor
Maria G. Pisano, The Art of Bookmaking
Ron Pokrasso, All About Monotype


Martha Casanave, Photographing People: Expanding Awareness
MacDuff Everton, The Landscape as a Portrait
Mark Edward Harris, The Fine Art of Travel Photography and Environmental Portraiture
George Hughes, Mixed Media and Collage
Jesús Bautista Moroles, Sculpture: The Ins and Outs of Carving Stone
Michael Wilson, Basic Portraiture and Darkroom Technique


Charles Bruffy, Choral Conducting and Repertoire
Derick Burleson, Writing Nature, Writing Ourselves
A.D. Coleman, Writing To and From Photographs
Craig Dennison, Conducting Young Voices
Frederick G. Dillen, Personal Essay
Crescent Dragonwagon, Writing for Children
Maria Irene Fornes, Playwriting: From Story to Stage
Jan Hanson, Choral Accompanist
James Ragan, Poetry
Mary Sallee, Choral Accompanist

IMAGES OF US: Special January Workshop

Jeff Dodd, Figure Drawing
Konrad Eek, Beginning Photography
Dan Kiacz, Beginning Photography & Printmaking Assistant
Derek Jennings, Beginning Photography Darkroom Assistant
Katherine Liontas-Warren, Charcoal Drawing
Don Nice, Painting with Watercolor
Ron Pokrasso, All About Monotype
Tim Rollins, Paintings from Literature
Iren Schio, Mixed Media
James Waid, Forms from Nature